What would life be like if all that you owned fit inside two suitcases?

Once upon a time, in a land very much like our own, a man assumed the highest office of the land. The people of this land, from left, from the right, and from places people didn’t realize even existed, were ranting and railing, calling each other names, and pointing accusatory fingers, all convinced that the others were the enemy. It shook me in a way I hadn’t been shaken before. I knew that I couldn’t continue to live in this new world in my old ways. But what to do?

I had to take action–political action–but my politics aren’t found in the ballot box. My politics are personal. Inter-personal. So I made a choice. I chose to modify the focus of my life.

If you know me, you know that the focus of my life has always been to grow the field of applied interactive performance in which participants become co-creators of performed story experiences. The question that has guided the choices in my life was, “Does this help grow the field of interactive performance?” That is no longer the measure by which I chose where I go and what I do. The question now is this: “Does this help someone who is working to make the world a better place?”

I now choose to make my life a resource to help anyone who is striving to make the world better. I may help with interactive performance, or computer skills, or experience design, or production, but it’s not limited to those things I used to do. It also might be through things like chopping wood, carrying water, walking, sitting, and listening. Wherever people see a way that I can help them to make the world a better place, that’s how I will serve.

To serve in this way, my life must be light so that I can go where and when I am needed. That’s why two suitcases. I am paring back my possessions so that all I need fits in two suitcases. My home will no longer be New York City, the city that has brought me the greatest joys that I have ever known. Instead my home will be wherever I am needed for as long as it takes.

Are you working to make the world a better place? Is there a way in which I can support you in that endeavor? Let me know how I can help. That is now my mission.

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